The Nothe Fort is operated by volunteers of the Weymouth Civic Society. Some 80 people take turns to man the reception when the Fort is open, 30 of which turn to every Thursday in winter to maintain the building, create displays and care for the collection.

Others help run the very successful special days for schools – the “Evacuee Experience”.
We are always looking for new volunteers to partake in the following activities:-

  • Maintenancecarpentry – electrics and electronics, decorating and metalwork.
  • Building Displays – model making, graphic design and costume making.
  • Collection Care – conservation, documentation.
  • Reception – greeting visitors, manning the shop, general security duties and guiding parties.
  • School Experience- storytelling, demonstrating Home Front aspects of WW2.
    Contact David Joy if you are interested in:- 01315 758626

Management and policy is the responsibility of the Nothe Fort Committee of the Weymouth Civic Society drawn from the volunteers above.

The committee is advised by a professional director and curator who are also responsible for the day-to-day administration. Each member of the Committee has a special responsibility, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity, Works, Collection, Shop, Security and Staff Management.